The SMARTSHIFT solutions are categorized into different clutch types

Automatic Clutch

Smartshift automatic pneumatic tool changer

Smartshift automatic electric tool changer

Manual Clutch

Smartshift manual tool changer

Smartshift manual electric tool changer

Light Manual Clutch

Light Manual Clutch

Manifold pneumatic

Adapters and accessories

Adapters / Fittings

Accessoires / Add-ons

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What is a tool changer?

A tool changer is a device that is fixed on the wrist of the robot and allows the robotic cell to switch from one tool to another. This means that you can have several tools in the same area to complete a particular set of tasks. For example, if an operation requires assembly, testing and material handling, the tool changer can take each tool individually and switch them one after the other to complete its required tasks.


When do you need a tool changer?

Robotic tool changer is useful devices when you only have one robot station to carry out different processes.

The new standard for robotic tool changing

The patented SMARTSHIFT design and functionality provides a new standard for tool changing in the robotic industry. With universal compatibility, low weight and easy-to-connect design, SMARTSHIFT can be integrated with almost all light weight industrial and collaborative robots and tools.


enables robots to automate the changing of tools in seconds and perform various work tasks in all collaborative applications

changes faulty or worn-out tools within seconds without stopping and thereby minimizing production downtime

where an operator needs 15-20 minutes to manually re-equip a robot with another tool

eliminates the need for a specially designed tool changer 

gives greater use of the robot payload as it weighs only 100-400g

is modular and can be upgraded from a range of manual and automatic clutches, enabling mechanical, pneumatic and electrical connection.

Overall, SMARTSHIFT contributes to an improvement in product quality and productivity with fast tool changing tools that are of high speed and high precision.

Tool changer, manual and automatic