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Automatica 2023 | München.

Our ambassadors Rune Narheim and Johnny Moen paid a visit to #Automatica in #Munich this week. They had a very positive impression of the fair and had the opportunity to meet partners such as CogniboticsAim Robotics 🦾 Kassow Robots, and many more.
If you missed the fair, don’t worry! Check out the short but fantastic video by Cognibotics, and you’ll get a glimpse of our brilliant patent. Enjoy! 😊


Ecactex as New Partner!

We warmly welcome our new partner to the SmartShift Group.


Embracing Innovation at the #Automate Show, Join Us Alongside 750+ Exhibitors in Detroit, Michigan, USA!🎉

Greetings! Today marks a significant occasion as we participate in the Automate show event in #Detroit, Michigan, USA, along with 750+ other exhibitors! 🎉

For those of you attending, be sure to visit our booth number 3648! Our team, including Johnny Moen and Rune Narheim, is excited to meet you and showcase how our smartshift robotics tool changer can revolutionize your production process, enhancing efficiency and quality. 😊

During this thrilling event, we will present our cutting-edge Smartshift Robotics system, setting a new benchmark for automation technology.
We are also thrilled to introduce our new HD63 Products, which will be featured in a news article from Smartshift Robotics this week!

We will be at the Automate show from today until Thursday, May 25th.

For those unable to attend in person, don’t worry! We have an engaging virtual video available that provides a sneak peek into the groundbreaking capabilities of our system. 🙌 👉 Simply check it out at

Today is a momentous occasion as we take part in the Swedish Cobot Day event! 🎉

Greetings! today is a momentous occasion as we take part in the Swedish Cobot Day event! 🎉

For those of you attending, make sure to swing by our booth! Our team is eager to connect with you and demonstrate how our smartshift robotics tool changer can revolutionize your production process for maximum efficiency and quality. 😊

During this exciting event, we will showcase our state-of-the-art Smartshift Robotics system, setting a new standard for automation technology. Furthermore, at 11:30, our esteemed global development manager, Lars Julius Skulstad, will take the stage to deliver an insightful speech titled “Expanding usage of your UR investment” on behalf of Smartshift Robotics.

And for those unable to attend, fret not! We have a dynamic virtual video available for you, offering a sneak peek into the groundbreaking capabilities of our system. 🙌
👉 Simply check it out at

New Product Launch

SMARTSHIFT Robotics is excited to share the news that we are launching an updated version of the Tool Pocket:


The SMARTSHIFT Tool Pocket Stabilizer 3500

We are delighted to present to the Robotic industry Smartshift’s latest innovation – our new enhanced Tool Pocket. This cutting-edge tool has been specifically crafted to meet the demands of complex, uneven, tilted, and heavier EOAT requirements for your robot applications.

The Tool Pocket, based on the proven original unit,  now has a stabilizer function which decreases and in most cases eliminates any tilting in the pick up or delivery of an EOAT. Furthermore, the anodized aluminum add-on’s effectively guide the Robot during EOAT changes, ensuring smooth and seamless transitions.

Where EOAT today can be difficult, this Smartshift Pocket is perfect for:

 Welding Gun applications

Custom design EOAT

Uneven weighted or tilted EOAT

Loose/flexible EOAT

The new Smartshift Pocket also makes guiding the Robot when programming easier. The NEW design from Smartshift cuts time when programming your Robot, making the Smartshift NEW Pocket support faster ROI, re-deployment and changeover in Robot production use.

Welcome the next level EOAT Tool Change!

New Partner in Asia!

CHUWEI Technology, is a company that is adapting to the changing trends of the future, especially in the era of Intelligent Industry 4.0. The company adheres to the philosophy of “changing” in its design concepts, and in system integration and planning, they use ABB’s advanced low-voltage inverters to upgrade equipment to meet the demands of the future factory mode. The company also prioritizes being customer-centric and energy-efficient, while ensuring substantial profits and environmental protection.
And now, they are looking forward to partnering with SmartShift Robotics to deliver quality and quantity to the world.

New Partner

Roboticall is a company with vast expertise in automation and robotics, offering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs and technological capabilities of each customer. They provide specialized equipment, including both industrial and collaborative robotics, and represent industry-leading companies like Doosan Robotics and EDR Torches. Additionally, they offer products from OnRobot and Schunk to optimize robot utilization and perform thorough robotic audits to provide the best technological solutions possible. The company also handles external axes and technology support and is an authorized representative of Solomon, a company that produces machine vision and associated software.