Smartshift automatic pneumatic tool changer

For applications where tool changing is a necessary for changing applications, the automatic tool changer is a good option. This clutch enables mechanical, pneumatic and optionally also electric connection. It includes tool pockets with the possibility to exchange tools seamlessly and work on multiple tasks without stopping.

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Product Features and Specifications



  • Works at high speed with high stiffness


  • With the range of five hundredth of a millimeter in all directions and angles


  • Possible to work on multiple tasks in same production line

Ease of use

  • Easy to deploy and redeploy with smart mechanical design

UR cap available

  • Easy installation and hereby high security

Handling payload

  • 50 kg


  • Pneumatic 2xG 1/8″

Weight total

  • 2050g


The automatic pneumatic clutch is the most popular SMARTSHIFT set. The clutch provides automatic mechanical and pneumatic connection. With the automatic pneumatic clutch, it is easy to change tools autonomous and you have the option to upgrade to electrical connection. To upgrade for an electric solution, you have to purchase SMARTSHIFT cable electric connector M8. The automatic pneumatic clutch consists of one robot master, two tool holders and two tool pockets.


Universal compatibility for lightweight industrial and collaborative robots and various tools

Use more than one tool and seamless transition between tools

Automatic exchange tool to others and perform various work tasks without stopping

Replace a faulty or worn-out tool and eliminate production stop

Easy to connect and no programming skills required

Perform high speed tasks with accurate precision

Light weight components that maximize use of robot


SMARTSHIFT system can be used in all collaborative applications


Screw and nut driving, inserting, mounting and positioning and produce repeatable accurate assembly processes with high precision and high speed is one of SMARTSHIFT key features. With our reliable tool changer clutch you improve product quality and production efficiency.


Palletizing / Packing

Sorting, packaging, labelling and palletizing you need a quick tool changer clutch, that assists different tools to pick up a wide range of materials. Quickly and easily you can redeploy the tool changer across different operations or invest in the automatic tool changer clutch and switch tools without redeploy and hereby making warehousing and supply chain operations faster and more efficient.


CNC, injection moulding, cutting, metal casting, press and processes can be done easily with tool changer clutch that consistently and repeatedly follow exact processes without risk of errors. Quickly and easily you can redeploy tools to other processes or by using the tool pockets to operate and switch between tasks without redeploy tools.


Painting, polishing, sanding, drilling and milling and other tasks is ideal with a tool changer as it operates with consistently flow and precisely placement. You can easily operate and switch from polishing to painting with the tool pockets. With small batches we can provide you with a robotbase plate, that makes it easy to change work stations without reprogramming the robot.


Testing, inspection and measuring can be difficult for workers to do repeatedly. With tool changer clutch, you can continually maintain high quality inspection and testing by high precision and consistency. The repeatability is +/- 0,05 mm (50 micron) and giving the stability to automate almost any task.



Laser, ultrasonic, soldering and spot welding can be improved by our tool changer that secures high quality and precision. To reduce production downtime you can add our tool pocket, so the robot can operate and switch between tools and tasks autonomously in the production line. Or move the robot to other work stations, where you need application support.