Are you familiar with SMARTSHIFT robotics products and how we can help you optimize you profit and help you get your business going 24/7/365?

We are the worldwide supplier of the patented SMARTSHIFT solutions.

Our SMARTSHIFT Clutch products are unique in design being modular and can therefore be upgraded from a manual to an automatic clutch as well as from mechanical & pneumatic connection to include electrical connection as well.

Thus meaning you can start with simple manual tool changing to a fully automated tool changing for your robots.

The connection / clutching in-out is going seamless with SMARTSHIFT, completely without any demand for extra signals, pneumatic or electrical activation.

Not only do SMARTSHIFT robotics supply modular tool changing systems but we also provide our unique and patented solution for utilisation of your robots at various workstations.

These units are named SMARTSHIFT Base. When installing the robot on various workstations utilisation can be optimised without need for new programming and lengthily mounting of robots in different locations. Anyone can move the robot to a new location and start the new application.

Our LIGHT solutions can be fine for simple manual tool changing, when noticing that the system is not prepared for later upgrade and therefore a very cost-efficient solution for exact manual positioning of the tool on the robot.

In our accessories there are listed parts for integrating or upgrading SMARTSHIFT solutions in different applications.

The SMARTSHIFT clutch - The new standard for robotic tool changing

SMARTSHIFT products are taking automating tasks to a whole new level, that you never thought was possible. Our SmartShift clutch and obsessive system for industrial automation makes our smart designed collaborative applications that qualify your workforce.

The SMARTSHIFT clutch is an revolutionary autonomous add-on, that will give your robot flexibility and accuracy.
The SMARTSHIFT clutch is easy to install and will automate the tool changing at your robotic production line. Thereby SMARTSHIFT facilitate a higher speed and flexibility for the robotic tool changing. The SMARTSHIFT clutch can be adapted to any robot and it will increase each robot versatility and thereby overall capacity. You can have electric or pneumatic connections passing through the SmartShift clutch.
The SMARTSHIFT clutch is not dependent of supply of pressurized air or electricity to work. The SMARTSHIFT clutch is the lightest clutch in the market of automated tool shifting systems without compromising durability, strength and accuracy.
The patented SMARTSHIFT design and functionality secures a new standard for exact tool changing in the robotic industry. The SMARTSHIFT clutch has been thoroughly tried and tested for years.
Our SMARTSHIFT tool changing system is also thoroughly tested by Universal Robots whom have granted SMARTSHIFT the UR+ Certificate. The UR+ Certification is a seal of approval from Universal Robots that not only guarantee the quality of our product. The SMARTSHIFT clutch transforms your robot into a flexible, multi-tool machine that are versatile and easy to shift for any range of tools in the robotic field of service. With SMARTSHIFT clutch, you can get automated tool shifting on any type of robot.
Quickly shifting between tools create a versatile robot that can meet the various requirements of several operations. With universal compatibility and the easy-to-connect clutch, your robot becomes autonomous and ready for several tasks. All the SMARTSHIFT clutches are produced in Norway at our associated world class production facility BUIND.
Each of the SMARTSHIFT’s parts have been thoroughly inspected and tested before assembly. SMARTSHIFT clutches are after assembly tested for thousands of seamless junctures before shipping to customers.
The SMARTSHIFT Base - Use your robot to the limit

The SmartShift Base is capable of accurate and exact fixation of a robot to operate between various workstations locations.

The benefit is to fast, easy and accurate move the same robot in different workstations where exact zero positioning secured each time.

The SmartShift Base consists of following two main units: A Robot Base Master (RBM) and a Base Footplate (BF).

The Robot Base Master (RBM) can be mounted on all the types of the Universal Robots or similar equipment. Base Footplate (BF) applies in a number needed for different workstations. Standard flanges are in stock. Any flange variation depending on special design can be requested.

Mount Robot Base Master (RBM) directly onto the Universal Robot arm or on similar equipment. Mount the Base Footplate at the workstation by securing the bolts for safely. The application robot recommended handling weight is max. 10 kg.

Take a look on Our set-solutions

Light manual mecanic clutch

SMARTSHIFT Light Manual Mechanic Clutch set

650,00 Ex. VAT
3.750,00 Ex. VAT

Pneumatic/electric clutch

SMARTSHIFT pneumatic electric clutch set

1.750,00 Ex. VAT
3.000,00 Ex. VAT
880,00 Ex. VAT

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Why choose SMARTSHIFT robotics

Universal Robots and SMARTSHIFT robotics

Since 2005, Universal Robots has worked to make a difference in our customers’ lives in ways that matter most to them. Advanced tools, our easy-to-use robot arms are used by companies and organizations of all sizes to help and address market volatility.

UR’s robot solutions deliver the flexibility and financial return that manufacturers need to compete and win in any market condition.

The SMARTSHIFT Clutch, have been granted the UR+ certificate, for its outstanding performance and accuracy.

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