The SmartShift clutch is easy to install and will automate the tool changing at your robotic production line.
Thereby SmartShift facilitate a higher speed and flexibility for the robotic tool changing.

Modular & cost effective

The SmartShift clutch can be adapted to any robot and it will increase each robot versatility and thereby overall capacity.

You can have electric or pneumatic connections passing through the SmartShift clutch.
The SmartShift clutch is not dependent of supply of pressurised air or electricity to work.


The SmartShift clutch is the lightest clutch in the market of automated tool shifting systems without compromising durability, strength and accuracy.

The patented SmartShift design and functionality secures a new standard for exact tool changing in the robotic industry.


The SmartShift clutch has been thoroughly tried and tested for years.

Our SmartShift tool changing system is also thoroughly tested by Universal Robots whom have granted SmartShift the UR+ Certificate.

The UR+ Certification is a seal of approval from Universal Robots that not only guarantee the quality of our product.

The certificate also allows us two display our product on their online showroom on UR+. More info here:


The SmartShift clutch transforms your robot into a flexible, multi-tool machine that are versatile and easy to shift for any range of tools in the robotic field of service.

With SmartShift clutch, you can get automated tool shifting on any type of robot. Quickly shifting between tools create a versatile robot that can meet the various requirements of several operations. With universal compatibility and the easy-to-connect clutch, your robot becomes autonomous and ready for several tasks.


All the SmartShift clutches are produced in Norway at our associated world class production facility BUIND. More information here:

Each of the SmartShift’s parts have been thoroughly inspected and tested before assembly.

SmartShift clutches are after assembly tested for thousands of seamless junctures before shipping to customers.

Until now the detailed quality control have secured zero claims.

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