SMARTSHIFT is developed to help manufactures to gain full exploitation of the robot. Our mission is through innovative and simple solutions give manufacturers smart robotic systems that give their production greater flexibility.


The story of BUIND

In a basement in Norway for 30 years ago Kjell Buind started the factory BUIND. Kjell was very glad of producing components on CNC machines and he was drawn at reducing manual labor in the production industries.

He invested in CNC machines, and the interest increased for his automated solutions. He, so to speak, elicited the industry with his inventive way of looking at the production process.

The machinery and production grew rapidly, and he became an integrator for Universal Robots in Norway. In this period Kjell invented a new innovative product for robots, that will make it easier and simpler to change tools independent of robots and end-effectors.

Many predesigns, components and tests were executed and today we have a functional design that is patented worldwide.

The products became certified in the UR+ program in 2018 and SMARTSHIFT was created.

In June 2019 the sales organization SMARTSHIFT robotic ApS was established. SMARTSHIFT robotics is now a global company with headquarters in the robotic cluster capital of Odense, Denmark and are expanding with sales partners around the world each day.