Electric Tool Change Combo

Package Combo 2.3

Electric Tool Change w/Adapter and Pneumatic Master Combo 


Electric:   M8 connector

Pneumatic:  2x 6mm

Repeatability:  0.05mm

Payload lift:  50 Kg

Speed:  1 per sec.


Manual or Automatic Tool change where there is a need for Air, vacuum, and electric EOAT and the pneumatic directly into the EOAT.

Additional Information
  Master Tool Holder
  Material: Black Polyoxymethylene (POM) Material: Aluminum 6082 T6
Flange pattern: BCD Ø50/31,5 M6 x 4 (Flange adapter options available) Finish: As Machined Finish: Black Anodizing

This combination consists of the following products:

Robot Master w/pneu. and el. M8 GEN III

Item number: 1121/1122

Tool Holder w/el M8 GEN III

Item number: 2121/2122

Tool Pocket

Item number: 3000


Item number: xxxx

A package with Adapter and Pneumatic Master for an Electric Tool Changer.