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The new standard of robotic tool changing

The patented SMARTSHIFT design and functionality provide a new standard for tool changing in the robotic industry. With universal compatibility, light-weighted and easy-to-connect design, SMARTSHIFT can be integrated easily with all collaborative robots and tools.

The SMARTSHIFT tool changing systems enables robots to automate the changing of tools in seconds and to perform various work tasks in applications very quickly and easily.

SMARTSHIFT can change faulty or worn-out tools, within seconds without stopping and continue production without further delay, thus minimizing production downtime.

SMARTSHIFT reduces manual work to a few seconds, as an experienced operator would take 15-20 minutes to manually re-equip a tool.

SMARTSHIFT reduces manufacturing time and errors and hereby scale up the capacity

SMARTSHIFT is universal compatible, which eliminates the need for a designated tool changer.

SMARTSHIFT is light weighted with only 400 gram that give greater use of the robot.

SMARTSHIFT clutches is modular and can be upgraded from a range of manual and automatic clutches, enabling mechanical, pneumatic and electrical connection.

By installing SMARTSHIFT on the robots, it creates space for other tasks, as the robot can do several processes quicker and more efficient than use to.